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Sometimes a brand name can be more valuable than the actual product the brand name refers to. Inexperienced entrepreneurs often overlook the importance of properly securing rights to their business and product names until it is too late. Unfortunately, mistakes at these early stages of choosing and protecting names can end up being very costly.

We provide professional services for obtaining, maintaining, and litigating trademarks in India and abroad. When a client desires to use and/or register a new company or product name or brand identity in India, we assist in evaluating the registrability of the mark as well as the potential risk involved using that mark. We also provide trademark search service, as well as offer professional opinion on other relevant issues.

Patent Laws

The first company to capitalize on a new innovation enjoys a lead-time advantage in setting manufacturing, marketing, and distribution channels in place. These advantages, unfortunately, are only temporary. A patent helps establish strong and effective monopoly rights for your business by erecting legal barriers preventing competition. Without adequate patent protection, it is only a matter of time before existing and new competitors enter your market, steal your idea, and drive down prices.

We at Spice Solutions provide services in preparing and filing patent applications for registration. We can provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge in drafting descriptive specifications and claims. We also provide services for conducting patent search, paying annuities, preparing and filing written arguments and appeals, patent administration, and infringement litigation.

Copyright Law

In today's competitive business environment, the potential value of a company is based to a great extent on its ability to develop and capitalize upon new ideas and creativity. Copyright Law helps to protect original works of authorship against unlawful copying from someone else. Thus, important creative components of a business including sales brochures, advertising, solicitation letters and emails, instruction manuals, architectural and engineering drawings, pictures, photographs, paintings, graphical images, web-site designs, computer software, music, and sound recordings can all be protected under copyright law. Copyrights grant exclusive rights to reproduce, produce derivative works, distribute, and perform or display the work in public.

We at Spice Solutions offer a wide range of copyright services including registration with the Indian Copyright Office, work for hire and assignment agreements, and conflict resolution.

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