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Project Management Services

Most people cherish a dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur; we help you to make your dream come true. Our support is there to establish your dream venture from the scratch, we through our expert associates will deliver services such as; sourcing of land and resources, project evaluation, business feasibility survey, analysis, develop profitability model, company registration, arrange finance from recognized institutions, plan and manage infrastructure development, laison works, etc. to set up your dream business in India.

We also help you to manage vendors in their evaluation and selection. If you wish to outsource any activities in relation to your business set up we help you to identify the best out of the available through setting the Pre-Qualification requirements and setting the compliance requirements.

We help you to manage your business establishment projects through effective monitoring and timely reporting of the progress. Thus we help you stay away from needless drainage of your hard earned money rather ensure it is wisely utilized to generate optimum returns.

Business Formation Services

Why would you need a consultancy to help start your business? A consultancy can help guide you through the process to help ensure that the form that you choose for your business matches your goals and visions for the company. Documents such as By-laws, Buy/sell Agreements, Shareholder Agreements Operating Agreements, or Partnership Agreements play a critical role in the operation of a business. In addition, in order to be able to take advantage of the liability protection that many of the business entities offer you must conduct your business and hold yourself out to the public in a certain manner. A consultant can advise you on what you need to do to minimize your risk of loosing your liability protection.

We at Spice Solutions will guide you through the different options available and help you choose the structure that best fits your organizational needs. We provide business formation services including incorporation, organization of limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and creation of partnerships as well as drafting Buy/Sell Agreements, Shareholder Agreements and advising our clients on mergers and acquisitions. Our real strength lies in working with a client from the beginning of his/her venture to maximize the venture's present, potential and future value as well as helping to minimize the risk of future legal disputes. We will work with you to ensure your vital contracts assist your company to achieve its goals while minimizing risk. In addition to all the above services we provide financial feasibility analysis for your business model and also provide project reports, initial documentation support, etc for project financing from the reputed banks and financial institutions.

We offer services in general commercial contract drafting and negotiation, strategic partner agreements, software licensing agreements, intellectual property licensing agreements, commercial leases, distribution agreements, and vendor contracts, and product warranty drafting and analysis.

Business Liasoning Services

As part of making your business function smoothly, we offer liasoning services with official and unofficial agencies. Under this line of business Spice Solutions and our associates acts as an interface between the overseas companies trying to establish their operations in the state of Kerala. The company provides all liasoning services to its overseas clients looking for suitable business partners in the state of Kerala.

Company Formation In India

Companies Act

In India; companies are registered and governed by The Indian Companies Act, 1956. This act sets down rules for the functioning of the companies in India. In general, there are two broad categories of companies in India viz. Public Limited Company and Private Limited Company.

Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company is limited by shares in which there are minimum 7 shareholders with no restriction on the maximum number of shareholders. Such company can transfer shares and accept public deposits. The liability of each shareholder is limited to the extent of the unpaid amount of the shares face value and the premium thereon in respect of the shares held by shareholder.

Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is defined as a company, in which there is a minimum of 2 shareholders and maximum 50 shareholders. There is restriction on the transfer of shares. Such company neither invites public for subscription of shares or debentures nor accepts deposits from public. The liability of shareholders is limited. It is the extent of the unpaid amount of the shares face value along with the premium thereon in respect of the shares. Private Limited Company has lesser number of compliance requirements.

Procedure for Obtaining Name Approval for Company

An application is required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). After submission, the ROC scrutinizes the application and sends the approval as well as objections to the applicant. In the application, following details need to be furnished:

Alternative names for the proposed company

Names and addresses of the promoters (Minimum 7 for a public company while 2 for private company)

Main objects of the proposed company

Authorized capital of the proposed company

Names of other group companies On receipt of the name approval, the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) are required to be drafted.

Memorandum Of Association (MOA) and Articles Of Association (AOA)

The MOA states the main, ancillary, subsidiary and other objects of the proposed company. The AOA comprises of the rules and procedures for the routine conduct for that company. The AOA also states the authorized share capital of the proposed company and the names of the permanent directors. Stamp duties are required to be paid on MOA and AOA, which depends on the authorized share capital.

Allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN)

After the submission of DIN application, provisional DIN number for the intended director of the proposed company would be generated.

Acquiring Digital Signature certificate (DSC)

Digital Signature Certificate is acquired by submitting the application to one of the various authorized vendors.

Information Required

Details of proposed company like proposed names in order of preference, main objects and authorized share capital.

Complete personal details of directors along with photographs and identity proofs, 2 directors in case of private company and 3 directors for public company

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